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Eggs Over Easy

One of the funniest achievements in Infernal Dawn is Eggs Over Easy. Despite all the negative talk on the forums, we prove that this achievement is possible.

With this achievement under our belt, we now need 3 more achievements for Conqueror: Infernal Dawn and we will be riding in style on those amazing Infernal Striders.

The Dragon Eggs encounter is funny on it’s own, add the insane rush needed for the achievement and you end up with a fight that will make you giggle. I really hope they leave this achievement as it is and don’t increase the time. It will ruin the fun.

Eggs Over Easy 1

The raid setup we used for this fight was very low on healers and lacked dispelling, so to survive the first part of the encounter we had people equip their Fire Resist cores. Also it is advisable to dodge the waves as much as possible to avoid the -50% healing debuff since there aren’t a lot of people out there to heal.

We used 2 tanks, there is no way around that. One Warrior and one Cleric in our case, because they are our main tanks. It doesn’t matter which class you use to tank the boss, you just need 2 tanks.

The healing was provided by 2 chloromancers, one raid healing and 1 tank healing, 1 purifier just to ensure the tanks won’t go splat in the first phase and 1 Inquisicar with Mien of Honor to help out with Molten Torrent. Oh, and let’s not forget the Bard :) .

The DPS Squad was made out of 2 Warriors, 2 Clerics, 5 Rogues, 3 Mages and an Archon, but you bring anything you and as long as you have enough DPS to make it in 6 minutes.

For the first part of the encounter you have to try to get Maelforge to 50% as fast as you can. There is no trick to it, just hit him hard. When you get to the jumping around part, you will have to only focus on killing the cannons and completely ignore the Phoniness and elementals. To earn precious seconds, start moving to the next platform when the cannon is at 15%. It will die from dots.

Once you get to the Egg’s platform, split the DPS on the eggs. The Eggs don’t have to die at the same time, so don’t bother stopping DPS, kill your egg and then help out on the remaining ones.

Good luck !

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