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Special Olympics Live Stream !

Published on April 25, 2012 by in Video

We decided it is time to give you an inside look at how Special Olympics is a guild and live stream our raids, TeamSpeak and high quality so you can read our chats included ! The stream will be running most of the day, although I can’t promise you there will always be something entertaining. I hope you will enjoy it. Have fun trolling Cookie in the chat.

Special Olympics Live Stream

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  1. [...] big “Aha !!” moment tonight. If you want to see me have fun don’t forget to check my stream ! Tags: Infernal Dawn, Rift, Rift [...]

  2. [...] I had been streaming all our raids so I couldn’t record this fight. Running both the stream and Fraps is fine on [...]

  3. [...] It’s usually the case that every time you think: I’m done, this boss ain’t dying today !!! and you stop recording, the boss dies on the next attempt. So we have no video of our first Maklamos Hardmode kill, just a crappy quality recording on our stream. [...]

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