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Special Olympics vs Alltha the Reaper

Published on June 19, 2012 by in Primeval Feast, Video

Alltha the Reaper is the second to last boss in Primeval Feast. If the name rings a bell, she is the last boss in the Seeds of Change event that takes place in Ember Isle. She can be quite annoying at time and takes forever to die at the event, but in Primeval Feast she only has 4 million HP and she melts in under 6 minutes.

This is again a fight where you want your raid DPS to be single target oriented, there is nothing to AoE and the sooner she dies the better. The encounter space is quite limited and the range of her whirlwind is quite big as me and Paul learned the hard way. It also hits hard and fast so there isn’t a lot of time to move out. While the fight progresses there will be other environmental hazards that kill take out precious space.

Alltha the Reaper raid composition

This fight once again favors ranged DPS. Melee will have to be quick and think on their feet if they wish to survive this encounter. I think that having more then 2 melee will definitively result in casualties. We used:

2 tanks: 1 cleric and 1 warrior

2 healers: 1 cleric and 1 chloromancer

1 support: 1 bard

5 DPS: 1 cleric – inquisitor, 1 warrior, 1 mage and 2 rogues – ranger.

As I said, this fight has numerous mechanics that can cause the melee to go splat. I’m not saying melee isn’t viable for this boss, I’m just saying that if they go splat on Laethys they will go splat here for sure.

Alltha the Reaper kill video

This is a kill from PTS, 2 resets before the actual release. Notice me and the best interrupter EU going splat at the end. But hey, who needs healers anyway. Apparently the raid can survive for 10% of the boss’s HP without taking any major damage. I have a feeling they can do that for the other 90% but they just like to get hit by stuff.

Have fun watching !

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