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Special Olympics vs. Maklamos Hardmode

Published on July 19, 2012 by in Infernal Dawn, Video

It’s usually the case that every time you think: I’m done, this boss ain’t dying today !!! and you stop recording, the boss dies on the next attempt. So we have no video of our first Maklamos Hardmode kill, just a crappy quality recording on our stream.

But I didn’t stop recording this week and we finally have a kill video of Maklamos Hardmode, this time with only 1 second pass the enrage timer.

We had a few occasional deaths, but other then that it was a clean kill.

I must point out the amazing RNG of the beams. Almost every time it picked a tank or the person standing out to help soak the Desolation. It never picks the DPS.

Maklamos Hardmode raid composition

On this kill we had a few more cleric and a few less mages then on our first kill, but we did better then in our first kill and we only had him enrage for 1 second. Can blame it on Qarlsberg for dying to many times and getting our warriors killed.

For tanking we had 2 cleric tanks on the boss and 1 warrior tank standing out and soaking the Crystalline Desolation. Clerics take less damage then the warriors on this boss, but that doesn’t make them immune to going splat on the ground. Our tanks die 3 times during the fight. Just combat ress them and you should be fine. I guess dying is just a faster way of resetting the stacks :)

There isn’t a lot of aoe healing needed in this fight so we took 1 purifier and 1 chloromancer for each tank and 1 senticar to DoL when the beams were active. The senticar (me) also heals the Desolation tank since he will be out of line of sight for most healers because that platform on which Maklamos is standing is just broken. I was using some tanking gear because we adjusted the positioning a bit and now I was getting hit by the beam also. The person standing out doesn’t have a lot of movement freedom because of the Desolation debuff. If you move back you might hit the tank with the AoE and kill him. If you move closer to the boss you might AoE the raid.

The DPS can be anything. Just bring the A team, meaning your best DPSers. We had 3 warriors, 2 clerics, 1 mage and 3 rogues to DPS, plus the archon and the bard.

Maklamos Hardmode kill video

Here it is, our Maklamos Hardmode kill video, with Teamspeak background so it doesn’t get “blocked in some countries”. Who needs soundtracks anyway when you can just ask Qarlsberg to sing something during the kill.

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